Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unfried Fried Rice

Unfried Fried Rice (page 70)
with strips of Nomelet (baked vegan tofu omelet)

I have fond memories of making fried rice with egg, back in the day when we were fresh out of college and completely broke. It was so yummy and comforting. So, when inspiration hit me a few weeks ago to combine Isa's Unfried Fried Rice recipe with the Happy Herbivore's Nomelet, I got really excited to give this recipe (well, both recipes) a try.

I kept the add-ins super simple for the sake of the kids. It paid off, because SweetPea, normally not a fan of rice in any form, gobbled this up and asked for seconds. But I think it would also be great with lots of extra vegetables - carrots, zucchini, peas...

I used my cast-iron wok to make this, which I think was important in getting that crispy "fried" taste and texture here. Also, I found it necessary to turn up the heat a little higher than indicated to get things really going.

Served with a hefty portion of no-oil stir-fried broccoli in garlic, soy sauce, and a little tahini, this made a great healthy weeknight dinner.


Brenna said...

That looks so slammin'! Can't wait to try that. I am obsessed with unfried rice. Specifically the Pineapple Unfried Rice from Unprocessed by Chef A.J.

Amy said...

Sounds awesome! I am going to check out the Nomelet recipe too - something that might be good with the eggplant bacon perhaps as well? Thanks for the advice!

tcarlson said...

First off -- I'm crazy about your blog! I'm loving Appetite for Reduction and I am excited to see real world experiences with the recipes. Second, I made this rice for dinner tonight and added pan-fried tofu (cooked in its own water) and broccoli. GOOD GRIEF it was delicious! My husband wants this to go into our regular dinner rotation. :)

Julie Ann said...

Aw, thanks for visiting! The pan-fried tofu and broccoli sound like DELICIOUS additions! :-)