Monday, June 20, 2011

Black Bean, Zucchini, and Olive Tacos

Black Bean, Zucchini, and Olive Tacos, page 131

The addition of kalamata olives to tacos is something I never would have thought of, but the idea is genius. The olives give this taco filling a sharp, salty kick that totally works.

These tacos almost didn't get made: after a day of redecorating and furniture rearranging with the help of my good friend, Anne, we were just about out of oomph and seriously contemplating ordering some take-out. But we sat and rested for a spell, viewing the results of our hard work while sipping a well-earned glass of wine, and then we rallied in the kitchen and made these tacos happen. And I'm so glad we did - the tacos were completely satisfying.

Instead of serving with the suggested Garlic-Lemon Yogurt, I whipped up my usual garlic sauce: silken tofu, garlic, lemon juice, and salt whirred together in the food processor. So, similar, but not the same. I'm not really a fan of soy yogurt. And, we included chopped cilantro to top off our tacos. You can't have tacos without cilantro in this house.

I thought the girls wouldn't like this at all, but they surprised me! They even enjoyed them again the next day as leftovers for lunch. I'm pretty sure the olives were the magic ingredient.


Caitlin said...

i love these tacos, too! and i agree, the olives are quite the magical ingredient.

foodfeud said...

Interesting. I've been wanting to eat more burritos and tacos lately - the zucchini sounds great. And I love olives but also wouldn't have though to add them to a taco. We shall see!

Anonymous said...

These were some of my favorites too - and the filling over salad greens the next day was great too!

Basht said...

Hands Down my favorite, most used recipe from appetite for reduction. The first time i made them i also made the garlic lemon yogurt, but the recipe makes a ton and i didn't even put a dent into it so i just have these tacos as is now. so yummy.

Julie Ann said...

Caitlin - aren't they yummy?!? I've had regular black olives with my tacos, but the kalamatas - now that's special!
foodfeud - tacos in many forms are a regular occurrence in our house, even for breakfast. So easy, and they please everyone!
Anna - what a great idea, to have the filling over salad greens. Thanks!
Basht - The filling is so flavorful, I'm sure you're right that they are just as delicious without any sauce!

Unknown said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. Awesome project! I also don't really like soy yogurt. Instead, I used the "sour cilantro cream" recipe from Isa's book Veganomicon. (It sound similar to the sauce you ended up making, silken tofu, cilantro etc) It is DELICIOUS when combined with these tacos. I highly recommend it. If you do make the sauce though, double the taco recipe as it makes a lot of sauce.