Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pasta de los Angeles

Pasta de los Angeles, page 177

Right off the bat, I was slightly suspicious of this dish. "Pasta goes Mexican!"? Hmmmm.

I have to say, it wasn't bad. It really wasn't great, either, but it wasn't bad. Most interesting, however, were the reactions from the rest of the family. El Hombre, who I thought for sure would be the most critical, actually seemed to like it. He said it was reminiscent of a seafood-y pasta dish (?!?), like it had those little canned cocktail shrimp in it somewhere. Huh?!? SweetPea, my nine-year old, said it reminded her of the Pasta con Broccoli, and then proceeded to douse her portion with Caesar Chavez salad dressing. Okay. SweetPotato, the seven-year old, thought it was okay, but a bit on the sour (lime) side, and the black beans were the best part. She ate the beans and left the pasta.

As for me, my reaction was "Meh." It was okay. I'm not really convinced that this is what the angels are having up there in heaven. I'd rather eat my black beans, tomatoes, and cilantro in a tortilla, or a salad, or over rice, but this was interesting to try once. I probably won't make this again.


Basht said...

I didn't really like this the first time either, but made a few changes, like replacing the lime with lemon, and now it's one of my favorite pasta dishes.

bethanyfehlinger said...

So far I made the chickpea piccata with caulipots (ran out of those. lol); sanctuary dressing (divine!); and mac n trees, which are amazing. I also made the chimuchurri tofu but haven't eaten it yet.

Emily said...

I too was 'meh' on Pasta De Los Angeles. Not much beyond heat going for it and it was just kind of strange.

Julie Ann said...

Basht - I'm interested to know what other changes you made? I just wasn't feeling the love here for this pasta...
Bethany - I haven't mad the mac n trees yet, but we all really loved the chickpea piccata, caulipots, and sanctuary dressing, too! I've had my eye on the chimichurri tofu for a while now... I think that might be coming up soon.
Emily - you know, with only one jalapeno, I didn't think it was spicy at all. Even the kids ate it without complaining of any heat... maybe my peppers were milder than yours? I actually think some more heat might have improved things for me.