Sunday, March 27, 2011

Garlicky Mushrooms & Kale

Garlicky Mushrooms and Kale - page 89
with vegan frittata and mixed romaine salad

Let me be upfront: I am not a fan of mushrooms. But El Hombre is! And I made this tonight to show him some mushroom-y love. He would eat them every day for every meal if I would just cook the darn things. I've tried to like them, I really have. I wish I did. I think it would make my life a little easier, especially as a vegan.

But back to the Garlicky Mushrooms & Kale! El Hombre thought it was great. Kale, garlic, mushrooms... in his eyes, what's not to love? Especially when it's finished off with a hearty drizzle of Sriracha sauce.

In the spirit of being open-minded, I tried a few bites with the mushrooms. And it wasn't bad. The garlic and kale had enough flavor on their own to mask the flavor of the mushrooms for me. But the texture of the mushrooms.... again, not a fan. I ended up giving away my share of the mushrooms to El Hombre, who happily took them off my hands. He's happy, I'm happy, it's a win-win.

We eat cooked greens a lot. I've cooked them like this before, but maybe not with quite so much garlic. But it was delicious, and heck, next time, I'll probably use even more garlic.


Magdalen said...

I'm with you on the mushrooms, but I loooove garlic and kale, so this looks delicious. Beautiful picture, too!

Jules said...

Thanks, Magdalen! You can't really lose with garlic and kale, right?

Dave said...

The Trader Joe's kale took forever to get soft. It cooked down within the time in the book, but it was still pretty firm. You say you eat a lot of cooked greens, so help me, Obi-wan -- do you use medium heat, cover it, anything different from Isa's instructions?

Julie Ann said...

Was the Trader Joe's kale the pre-bagged kind? (Forgive me, but we don't have a TJ's here...) I've found that some of the pre-bagged greens still have the tough stems all chopped up with the leaves, and in that case, it would definitely take longer for it to cook and get tender. If I'm using the bunches of kale, I usually cut out and discard the tough part of the center stem.

Dave said...

Yeah, it's pre-bagged, pre-washed. The tougher stems are mostly out of it, but there are a few you have to ferret out. I'll just adjust the instructions to give it half an hour or more, and it should be fine. Thanks.