Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Arabian Lentil & Rice Soup

Arabian Lentil & Rice Soup, page 206

After breaking triple digit temperatures here every day for over a week (nine days in a row, I think?), it finally cooled off a little. Today, it was only ninety-nine degrees Fahrenheit. I wore a hoodie and made some soup.

This was really easy to put together with simple ingredients: red lentils, brown basmati rice, and few other staple ingredients. The only chopping required was for the onions, garlic, and carrots. The end result was flavorful and hearty, without being heavy. With both lemon zest and lemon juice, the soup had a lovely bright taste that paired well with the cumin and coriander seasonings.

This recipe made a lot; I think I may try a few additions with the leftovers, something green, perhaps, like spinach or peas, and a sprinkling of chopped fresh cilantro.


Emma said...

Loving this blog. My copy just arrived a couple of days ago so it's great to see what you thought of the recipes and know what's good or what to change :) So far just made the pineapple collards- turning it into a stir-fry with seitan, red peppers, onions and served over WW couscous. Yum!

foodfeud said...

Thanks for talking about the leftovers! Good as soup is, it's nice to change the flavors up a little after the 8th bowl.

Amy said...

I made this recipe and really liked it - but I do think it would taste better in cooler weather!

Shannon Drury said...

This one probably my favorite in the book--the flavors make it seem like I slaved over it, when it was actually very easy to pull together. I enjoyed it cold, and days later!

Julie Ann said...

Emma - thanks so much! The pineapple-collard stir-fry with seitan sounds DELICIOUS!
foodfeud - well, I won't get a chance to eat any leftovers after all... El Hombre had a big bowl when he got home late last night, and he took the rest of the leftovers for lunch today! Oh well.
Amy - it has been so HOT here! Today the temp drops down to a mere 93F. That's positively chilly, comparatively speaking!
Shannon - you are right, this soup did have a nice, complex flavor without a lot of effort. I'm not sure I would enjoy it cold, though! :-)

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites too - I added some broccoli to my leftovers which was really good.

Amber and Scott said...

This is my husband's favorite from the book. So easy and so tasty - I like it too!