Monday, June 13, 2011

Peanut-Lime Tofu Bowl

Peanut-Lime Tofu Bowl, page 267
Quinoa, steamed broccoli, tofu, Peanut-Lime Dragon Dressing (page 34), and peanuts

I'm renaming this the Peanut-Lime Dragon Bowl, because that's more fun to say! This is basically one of the bowls suggested on page 267 of Appetite for Reduction, except with broiled and glazed tofu, instead of sauteed tempeh. We just went to Costco this weekend, and there's a drawer-ful of tofu in the refrigerator.

Quinoa, steamed broccoli, broiled tofu lightly glazed with a bottled Thai sweet chili sauce, that wondrous Peanut-Lime Dragon Dressing, and a sprinkle of dry-roasted peanuts. How can you go wrong with this combination?!?

So, so, so good. And incredibly easy to put together, with uncomplicated components. This time around, for the dressing, I whirled all the ingredients in the blender for several minutes until smooth, instead of leaving a few chunky peanut-ty bits like last time. It was great!


bethanyfehlinger said...

Hey, not to be a downer, but I heard that dry roasted peanuts contain gelatin. Now, you might have a version that does not or you roasted them yourselves. But I bought some and ate them, then discovered later when I went to the store and read the label (it was in the bulk section.)

Julie Ann said...

Hi Bethany - I also bought my peanuts in the bulk section! :-) Because I also check for added oil and salt, I was careful to read the ingredient list before bagging them. It said simply: peanuts. So, I'm going to assume they are just that - peanuts! As an aside, it is beyond me why anyone would feel it's necessary to add gelatin to peanuts - I would never expect to see that in the ingredients!!! Weird.

Beth Marie said...

Hi Big Sis!

I was inspired and actually made this last night! I didn't happen to have any tempeh, so I used the marinated tofu they sell at trader joe's. I liked it a lot! Believe it or not, I also stemmed veggies for the first time using a steaming basket. The only change I would want to consider would be to make the sauce a little thicker somehow. said...

I'm totally having this for dinner!

Julie Ann said...

Hello, Beth Marie! :-) It's tasty, huh? I see what you mean about maybe making the "sauce" a little thicker, but it really is more of a "dressing," I guess. I liked how it flavored the quinoa without being too heavy. - how did it turn out for you?!?