Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Classic Black Bean & Veggie Chili

Classic Black Bean & Veggie Chili, page 236

Another guest post from El Hombre, since he was in charge of getting food on the table tonight!

Tonight's dinner was very much true to the recipe. The Classic Black Bean & Veggie Chili is delicious and easy to fix. Thirty minutes is all you need to from start to finish. Basically, you chop up your onions, garlic and veggies add the broth and seasonings and you are set.

After things were nicely simmering, I reduced the heat and focused on fixing some yummy cornbread to go with dinner. I used the cornbread recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking and baked the batter in a funky little cast iron corn stick pan that la Mujer (Julie) fancies as an awesome thrift store find.

As expected, the girls were less than enthusiastic, with SweetPotato saying it was a bit "spicy." I think it was my liberal use of chili powder that got to her.

I stuck with the recipe since it was my first time fixing it, but I feel really confident about adjusting seasonings and adding a variety of different veggies. Next time, I think I'll use eggplant along with the zucchini that was called for, and I would also enjoy adding mushrooms!

Overall, a great easy to fix dinner, and you can't beat that!


Amy said...

This sounds good, and since I just received a giant zucchini from my neighbor's garden, I might just make up a big pot of it for the weekend!

foodfeud said...

It looks great! I've actually found that stews that are really flavorful can be eaten hot or cool so this isn't so out of place, though I do eat chili mostly in the fall and winter. Nice of him to cook it all up for you guys!

Amy said...

Just made this today and yes, some of us thought it was too spicy...I agree on adding eggplant or mushrooms next time.