Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bee Ell Tees

Bee Ell Tees (page 271)
Whole-wheat bread, Cashew Miso Mayo (page 270), spinach, tomato, and Eggplant Bacon (page 42)

The eggplant bacon is something we keep going back to; it's been great in salads, and we loved it in the breakfast sandwich. This weekend, I thought it was time to try a simple BLT for a casual Saturday night dinner.

I also tried making the Cashew Miso Mayo for the first time. I was at a little bit of a disadvantage here because I killed my food processor just the day before (which means I'm in the market for a new one... anyone have one they love and would recommend?). I used my blender instead, which worked great at first, but the more blended the cashews got, the more thick the mixture became, which resulted in the blender just throwing all the mayo up on the sides of the blender, where it stuck instead of falling back down for further blending. I blended for many, many minutes, and scraped down the sides many, many times, but it still never got quite as creamy and smooth as it would have if I had been able to use my food processor. Still, it was really tasty, and the perfect spread for these sandwiches.

Bottom line: these sandwiches were a hit with all of us. Yum!


Pat Meadows said...

Hi Julie Ann, YES! I have a food processor that I love - it's a Cuisinart. I am on my THIRD Cuisinart.

The first one lasted for over 20 years of almost daily use, often multiple uses per day. The second one lasted 23 years of similarly heavy use. I just received the third one last week.

Mine is a 7-cup model, but we are only two people. (I bought mine on Amazon, $99 with free shipping.) I would probably get a larger one for a 4-person family.

I cannot of course guarantee similar longevity for new processors: everything gets cheaper and cruddier all the time, as you know. My first two processors were identical and the new one is minimally changed, Hopefully, it will serve me as well as its predecessors. Even half as well would be fine.

For me there's only one brand of food processor: Cuisinart.

(I have no connection whatsoever with Cuisinart.)

Pat Meadows

Julie Ann said...

Thanks, Pat! I've been looking at the Cuisinarts... those, and the ones by KitchenAid, since I'm partial to my KA mixer and blender. But I think I'm leaning toward the Cuisinart, thanks to your advice and some negative reviews on Amazon about a certain design flaw in the KA processors. My last processor was a less expensive Black & Decker model, which worked great for 3+ years - and I worked that appliance hard, to the death, apparently. :-)
Anyway - thanks again!

SallyT said...

I really regret getting a KA food processor. In order to get food chopped well, it needs to be almost pureed. Otherwise there are lots of small and large uneven chunks. Also I do not like the lid. I too had a Cuisinart for 20 years and then got a new one. When it had a problem I thought I'd try the KA. Not a good idea in my book. Right afterward Cuisinart came out with the new "pro" model and I am having huge buyer's remorse.