Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mango BBQ Beans

Mango BBQ Beans (page 133)

We had a busy Fourth. The girls had a ballet folklorico performance early in the afternoon, then we went over to our friends' house for swimming and potluck-ing before heading to the local park for an ArcAttack show (the Plan B for Independence Day, since fireworks have been banned due to drought conditions around here). All the kids were super excited about the show, though they were bummed about not quite making it to the Faraday cage. They were this close.

One of the dishes we brought to the potluck was the Mango BBQ Beans. The flavor was fantastic here, but I thought the sauce-to-bean ratio was a bit too high. I would probably either add more beans, or lessen the amount of liquid called for, or even let it cook down for an even longer time to allow the sauce to reduce further. I don't think there would be any harm at all in letting these beans hang out on the stove over low heat for a long a time - I would think they would only get better. Also, SweePea made the observation that she thinks small red beans would be better, instead of kidney beans here, and I think have to agree with her on that point.

Overall, these were excellent beans. El Hombre especially loved them, letting me know on more than one occasion that I can make them again any time, any time at all.


Amy said...

I am planning to make these (one of my kids loves baked beans and mango, so I think he will really like these) - but I will remember what you said and perhaps double up on the beans?

I just made the Cabbage and Pea Curry - it was really good!

Bert said...

I've made these twice before and really liked them, so did the rest of the family. I also think smaller red beans would work better than kidney beans. Good flavor combination, could be a tad sweet for some. said...

I just bought a mango so I can make these again - LOVE them!

Julie Ann said...

Amy, I think it depends on how saucy you like your beans! Some people love super saucy beans, I like them a little less sauce and more beans. If I were to add more beans here, I would probably not double up, but maybe add 1/3 to 1/2 of the original amount more?

Bert - they are a little sweet. I was thinking the agave probably isn't even necessary here. And I wonder if the small red beans would fix my sauciness issue! Hmmmm. - maybe you should have bought TWO mangos and made a double recipe! :-) I bet these would store great in the freezer.

Cindy Marsch said...

Julie Ann, I've just spent a couple of hours or more reading through ALL your posts on this blog, cross-referencing with AFR, and making mental notes. Wendy of Healthy Girl's Kitchen sent me here when I saw your link on her blog. I've added you to my small list of links. on my blog--please visit if you get a chance:

I kind of messed up the Caesar Chavez dressing with too many substitutions a couple of weeks ago and want to try again.

Cindy M

Julie Ann said...

Cindy, thanks for coming by! I will definitely be spending some time checking out your blog!