Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chipotle Lentil Burgers

Chipotle Lentil Burgers, page 123
with oven baked potato wedges

I've been meaning to make these for a while now, and I figured this was a good chance to try them, while my Dad is here visiting. We were out all day, and I was tired and not really in the mood to cook by the time we got home, but the burgers actually came together pretty quickly. Dinner was on the table in less than an hour. That is one of the things I've come to really appreciate about this cookbook: most recipes are simple, straightforward, and ready to eat with loads of flavor but not much fuss.

Isa takes an unusually stern tone with this recipe, warning the cook that you must follow the recipe to the letter - otherwise, the texture might not come out right. I used store-bought bread crumbs and canned lentils as she said to, even though it seemed like it probably wasn't that necessary, but I did deviate slightly with the chipotles. I knew these burgers would be too spicy for my kids with the chipotle peppers, so I mixed all the ingredients together, per the recipe instructions, except for the chipotles. I made two patties chipotle-less, and then I mixed some finely minced chipotles into the rest of the mixture and made four more patties.

The end result was pleasing to everyone except SweetPotato - she is not a fan of bean-based burgers, and this proved to be no exception. Everyone else loved it! El Hombre's reaction upon taking his first bite was, "Ooooooh, mmmmmmmm." My Dad nodded his head in approval and said, "It's good, Julie." Later, he admitted being pleasantly surprised at how good it was, and he went back and ate the sixth burger. SweetPea devoured her burger, and part of her sister's. I thought they were really good, too. The texture was nice - crusty on the outside with a softer interior, and the flavor was just right. They reminded me of one of my favorite recipes from Rick Bayless, his Crusty Lentil Cakes from his cookbook, Mexican Kitchen.


Emily said...

I'm definitely going to need to make these soon. Thank god I picked up that can of lentils recently! :) And potato wedges wow... Way to beckon summer there! (it was cool today)

Magdalen said...

I just made these tonight! They were good, but I had a LOT of trouble finding vegan breadcrumbs. I ended up using ener-g breadcrumbs, but I think the texture was a little off. Can I ask you what you used?

foodfeud said...

Magdalen - I don't know if Julie found a better way to do it, but I typically use panko (japanese bread crumbs). You can also always make your own with stale bread in the food processor. (Not to step on your toes, Julie!)
This sounds great. My boyfriend is always looking for a good veg burger. I've found that many don't stay together well but maybe I should follow directions better!

Julie Ann said...

Magdalen - I used a generic store brand of whole-wheat bread crumbs, by Hill Country Fare for H-E-B here in Texas. I'm not sure where you are, but I've also heard bread crumbs from Trader Joe's are also vegan.

foodfeud - I have some panko crumbs hanging out in the pantry that I used for the Scallion Potato Pancakes; they do have quite a different texture than the regular breadcrumbs, which might be interesting to try in these lentil burgers. I was careful here this time to follow Isa's instructions about using store-bought breadcrumbs and canned lentils - she said otherwise you might be "messing with the dry and wet ingredient ratio too much." I'm still wondering how crucial it really is, though... I'd be willing to gamble next time with my own cooked lentils and homemade bread crumbs. ;-) said...

Those look great, I can't wait to try them soon.

bethanyfehlinger said...

I am nervous about bean burgers, too! I am not a lentils fan, as I have IBS and my mom said she always has to run to the bathroom after a lentil meal. lol.
Hopefully I can get over this soon!

Julie Ann said...

Come back and let me know how they turn out for you if you decide to try 'em!