Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Broiled Blackened Tofu and Pineapple Collards

Broiled Blackened Tofu, page 147, and Pineapple Collards, page 93

This tofu was coated in a Cajun spice mixture and then broiled at high heat. The collards were sauteed with a combination of sesame oil, garlic, ginger, and pineapple. Both dishes turned out tasty and complemented each other nicely.

The tofu recipe made only enough spice mixture to coat about half of my tofu; I had to mix up another batch to finish the remaining slices. I also regularly have to cook my tofu longer than Isa's recipes call for to achieve the desired result when using the oven, and tonight was no exception.

El Hombre and I both really enjoyed the greens with pineapple. It was a nice flavor profile, and I can see us making this recipe again. The kids also seemed to approve of these greens.


vegan.in.brighton said...

I ove that tofu.

Julie Ann said...

The tofu was good, yes, but I think I enjoyed the greens with pineapple more! :-) At any rate, they went great together.

bethanyfehlinger said...

Just realized I commented about this somewhere else, and forgot you blogged about it already! Silly me! Loved this recipe and while the spice was enough, I needed more oil!

Julie Ann said...

Hmm, maybe I dredged my tofu slices too thickly in the spice mixture? I don't know... but it was good!