Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cool Slaw

Cool Slaw (page 38)

I ate several meals out downtown this weekend with others whom I was attending a conference with. This means I ended up eating several salads. You know-- it just doesn't seem to occur to most restaurants that it is quite possible to prepare a satisfying meal without meat, dairy, or eggs... unless it's a salad. Of course, even then, everything still has cheese in it somewhere, you know-- to make it "satisfying." Now, I had some great salads this weekend. Really, delicious salads. And at home, I eat many, many salads as the main part of my meal... but the salads I make are HUGE. I think I first heard Wendy use the term "Hugh Jass Salad." Hugh Jass, indeed. But these restaurant salads, while quite delicious and bursting with flavor, were no Hugh Jass salads.

I'm getting a bit ramble-y here, but the point I'm trying to make is that it was nice to come home and have some "real" food.

El Hombre planned a little cook-out for our Sunday afternoon, with some veggie burgers, grilled corn-on-the-cob, and fresh guacamole and chips. There was still an unused half-head of cabbage in the refrigerator leftover from the Curried Cabbage & Peas, so it seemed appropriate to also make the Cool Slaw to go with our dinner.

I've made this recipe before, but as a component of the Buffalo Tempeh Wraps, which were so, so good. Have I mentioned how *~*magical*~* cashews can be, when blended into sauces and dressings? Cashews, a little onion, a bit of apple cider vinegar, mustard, agave, some water... that's it, blended into oblivion - the perfect creamy, dreamy dressing for this coleslaw. So. Freakin'. Tasty.

Anyway, this is good stuff. The perfect people-pleasing coleslaw for summer cookouts and potlucks. If you haven't already, give it a try!


Amy said...

This was one of the first nut-based dressing recipes I tried and it is delicious. But I did have a hard time getting the cashews really smooth, even though I soaked them. I don't think my blender is up to the job!

foodfeud said...

Maybe I will make this. I keep buying raw cashews to soak and make into raw desserts but end up snacking on the cashews first! A slaw sounds delicious, and a bit healthier than a nut based dessert ;)

Luscious Verde said...

"Hugh Jass Salad" is a term I have adopted from Sarah over at Peas and Thank You. I just totally love saying it and I can frequently be heard repeating it around town.

And Isa's Cool Slaw--it's DA BOMB!!!!! There is no other reason to look for any other vegan cole slaw recipe. Perfection.

Healthy Girl said...

"Luscious Verde" is me, Wendy. LOL. From Healthy Girl's Kitchen. Sorry, I was signed in at my computer at work!!!

4th grade teacher said...

I hated coleslaw before I was vegan. My husband and I just aren't cabbage fans. However we both agreed that this was more than edible.