Sunday, April 10, 2011

Masala Baked Tofu

Masala Baked Tofu, page 146
with saag and gobi aloo

This was... okay. Not bad, certainly, but not terribly exciting, either. We ate it tonight as a main dish, along with some saag (spinach) and gobi aloo (potatoes and cauliflower).

The seasonings were fine; El Hombre remarked that he would have preferred it to be more "saucy." The girls, however, loved it, so I suppose that means it is probably kid-friendly, depending on the kid. The seasonings were mild enough to not scare them off. I think I would have like a more bold flavor, but then, the kids might not like it.

Again, like the Basic Baked Tofu, this would be a fine choice for a sandwich, or wrap, or to top a salad. But as a star attraction on the dinner plate, it just didn't have enough ooomph on its own.

However, having said all that: I am totally stuffed after tonight's dinner, but I think it's because I ate too much saag. "Too much" surely doesn't apply to spinach, does it?


Emily said...

Too much never applies to spinach. How can you have too much spinach? I don't understand...

Jules said...

I know, right?!? That's what I thought, too, but I was uncomfortably full last night. I didn't eat very much of the tofu or gobi aloo, but I did eat a LOT of the saag. Popeye would be proud.

Shannon Drury said...

Hmm, I love the Masala Baked Tofu, but I guess you're right that I'm not eating it for dinner--it's a yummy snack I munch on throughout the day.