Monday, April 25, 2011

Buffalo Wrap (more like soft tacos, actually)

El Hombre's plate of "Buffalo Baja Tacos," based on the Buffalo Wrap, page 271
Taco filling: Buffalo Tempeh (page 161), Cool Slaw (page 38), and diced tomatoes

This was an excellent dinner tonight.

The Buffalo Tempeh rocked. After the last tempeh fiasco (thanks, y'all, for the insight!), I decided to play it safe by simmering the tempeh wedges in a little water for about 10 minutes before marinating; this method seems to not only "open up" the tempeh to soak in the marinade, but I think it draws out most of the bitterness as well. Also, my tempeh sat in the marinade all afternoon, not just for one hour.

I couldn't find the large whole-wheat wraps in my grocery store, only soft taco-size tortillas, so I'm calling these Buffalo Tacos instead of Wraps. Topped off with the Cool Slaw and some diced tomatoes, El Hombre and I were in taco heaven. Because of the coleslaw, they were reminiscent of baja fish tacos... so let's just call them Buffalo Baja Tacos, shall we? Next time, I'll even include some lime wedges for squeezing fresh juice over them just before devouring. Ooh, and some avocado, too. And cilantro.

And the Cool Slaw: this recipe is pure genius. Those raw cashews are amazing tricksters, turning this slaw dressing into a cool, creamy, dreamy concoction. Even the kids were crazy about this one.

So, all-in-all, a very good dinner. And a pretty good day. I got a run in, I ate well and within my personal eating plan, and the scale told me this morning that there is no real lasting damage from my indulgences in wine and desserts over the last week. No losses, but no gains, either. Whew! Moving onward and up!


Meridith said...

I'm planning on making these next week sometime. What kind of "hot sauce" do you use? I'm thinking Frank's? I also read somewhere

Meridith said...

that the tempeh is really good if you crumble it instead of cutting it into wedges.

Julie Ann said...

Hi Meridith! Frank's would be perfect, I bet. I think actually used the Cholula Chile-Lime hot sauce, since that was what I already had in my 'fridge, and it was great, too.