Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Unfried Refried Beans

Beans for breakfast: Unfried Refried Beans (page 136)
served with hash brown potatoes and berries

First, let me state the obvious: it is not easy to take an appetizing picture of refried beans!

Beans and hash brown potatoes are a regular item in our breakfast rotation around here. Sometimes it is baked beans, and other times, we have black beans or refried beans. And sometimes we stuff the beans and potatoes inside a couple of corn tortillas and call them breakfast tacos.

Many people don't realize that refried beans are ridiculously quick easy to make, even without lots of oil. Isa's recipe is a slightly different variation of what I usually make, because of the addition of tomato sauce, and the coriander. Usually, I stick with cumin and a little bit of chili powder for the spices, instead.

I enjoyed the beans, but the girls did not. El Hombre wasn't here to try it, so I can't report on his assessment. SweetPotato said it was "too tangy" - maybe the tomato sauce? SweetPea said there was some "extra taste" that she couldn't identify, but she didn't like - maybe the coriander? So I guess this was too different than what they are used too.

In conclusion, even though I liked these beans, I'll probably stick to my usual way of making refried beans, since that's what the kids'll eat.


Healthy Girl said...

Now I want to see your recipe for refried beans!

Janette said...

Me too!

Barbara said...

me three!

Amy said...

Me four!

Karena said...

Hah, I guess it's a little redundant to say I'd like to see your recipe as well! I'm anxious to find more kid-friendly recipes so I can really get my two young boys on board with this lifestyle. A lot of what I find sounds delish to me, but to piquant for them.

Meridith said...

Same here.....inquiring minds what to know your recipe! :)

Julie Ann said...

Aw, you guys are so funny! I apologize for not responding sooner here - I've been without internet access this last week while road-tripping between Austin, TX and Washington, DC. My sister is about to have a baby! :-)

Back to the beans: really, I don't have an actual "recipe," but I'll try to explain how I make them here. It's very similar to Isa's recipe here. I think it's best to start with fresh home-cooked beans, but canned beans will work, too. I cook up some onions and garlic and spices like Isa, except that I use cumin and a mild chili powder (to taste). If I want to make it a little spicier, I will add a finely chopped jalapeno when cooking the onion. Then I add the beans and mash them up, adding a bit of reserved bean "juice" to get it to the right consistency. Salt to taste... and really, that's it. Pretty easy. :-)